Saturday, January 14, 2012

it must be louvre

My girlfriend is in love with Paris. Well, she's never been, and I think it would be more accurate to say she's in love with the idea of Paris. 
Yesterday was her birthday so I made her this little painting of the two of us in front of the Eiffel Tower. I guess I probably got the idea to put in the Van Gogh sky because in the back of my mind I had the poster from the latest Woody Allen film. I like to think that I would've done it even if I hadn't seen the poster but then again, probably not.
Old Vincey sure came up with a wonderful way to paint the lights of the night.
I've never left Australia, but one day I'll see Paris, hopefully with this wonderful person, and hopefully when we do we'll take a photo recreating this image.
The other thing is I gave myself two right hands.

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  1. How ya gonna recreate the two right hands thing in Paris? Anyway get Australian Passports now...its always good to be prepared.