Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Umm as you are, as you were, as I want you to be

Well Yakov, Harry Goaz, it seems this blog finally has a third reader, a young woman in the UK named Jen Umm.
Can we trust her? What do you think? Right off the bat I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I'm skeptical as to whether Umm is really her last name. But who knows, perhaps she is sitting around her dinner table right now with all the other Umms in her family discussing how she doesn't believe Pittock is really my last name.

Jen Umm has a fashion blog; it's well laid out and generally good and all that if you're into style and that stuff I guess.
I mean sure of course I do find fashion very interesting, but personally I don't buy clothes very often, and so when I do I buy multiples of the same things. That way I don't have to think about it and I just wear the same clothes every day for weeks. Apparently Einstein did the same thing. But this does get scoffed at occasionally and so clearly this isn't for everyone.

Scrolling though Jen Umms blog is very similar to flipping through a Vogue magazine, standing in my girlfriends kitchen while she's getting ready.

Jen Umms blog seems to have a lot of readers. A lot of the older posts seem to have a hundred thousand comments. That's even more than you get Harry Goaz. Although in fairness to you Harry Goaz a lot of the comments left for Jen Umm seem to be "I'm following your blog so please follow my blog".

But ok, to keep one third of this blogs readers happy, here is a link to Jen Umms blog.

The blog has a lot of advertising. So I figured maybe advertising is what this blog needs.

Maybe that would give this post a hundred thousand comments as well.
It's worth a shot right?

Now even though Nike just offered me a seven figure cheque to advertise their sweat bands on this blog, I decided instead to just take some photos of the advertising from Jen Umms blog that I know for certain gets results.

Thanks for reading Yakov, Harry Goaz and Jen Umm. Have a happy New Year guys. 
And if there's anybody else reading this that isn't Yakov, Harry Goaz or Jen Umm, thanks for reading as well, and Happy New Year to you too.


  1. Yes, let's trust her and then when you get to 5000 followers we can help you decide which 20 to get rid of. It will be fun!

  2. ha, far out Harry Goaz. 5000 followers? I'll be lucky if I get 5. But thank you as always for the support.