Monday, December 19, 2011

because seven ate nine

Hey Pittockians, all two of you, (Yakov and Harry Goaz),
I'm nearly done talking about the tshirt. don't worry. And if you don't know what that means then you're certainly missing out and should go back a few posts. Or maybe more than a few, go back to the start. Why are you still reading? you can read this part when you get up to it. Go.

Ok, that's better. So the seventh time I wore the tshirt I slept in it. I put it on specifically to sleep in. I don't usually sleep with a top on but I was starting to get more comfortable in it and I felt like this would be a good test. I slept ok. Not great, but I never sleep great.

The eighth time I wore the tshirt was to the VCA Masters Grad show and around the city afterwards. When one of my friends saw me wearing the shirt they said "I thought you were only gonna wear it ten times". Meaning that they thought they'd already seen me in it ten times. But no, only eight,  although at that point I'd only had the shirt eight days.

The ninth time I wore the tshirt was to jury duty, although you couldn't see it as I wore it underneath my nicest shirt. I was excited about jury duty, to see how it all worked, and I figured I'd be able to do some drawings inside the court. Try my hand at being one of those sketch artists. I never got the chance though as I wasn't selected for any case. Basically we were all just stuck waiting around inside a large area in the courthouse. It was fun, but it was also against the law to leave. I did a couple of drawings of some of the other potential jurors and towards the end of the day I played pool with some guy studying journalism at Monash. "This feels a bit like prison" I told him, to which he replied "I liken it to an airport waiting bay, except there aren't any planes", which was much more accurate.

I spent my lunch break in the Flagstaff gardens talking to the Occupy Melbourne crowd. There was probably only about 25 to 30 of them there.
At one point an ambulance drove past with it's lights on and they pointed and laughed at it. "Another conformist in trouble ha haw haw".
I don't even know what to say to that. These people, fighting for human rights, seemed to be dehumanising everyone around them. This got worse when they ran over to the police in their tents and australian flag capes and they began to scream and spit in the policemen's faces. The police had to just stand there being spat on while the Occupy Melbourne people became increasingly aggressive and provocative. It seemed pretty obvious they wanted the police to use force so that the newspaper and radio reporters, who watched on eagerly, would put them on the news.
I won't talk about it any more than that but that's just what I saw when I went there, and before I headed back to the court house I went up to the police and said "I think you guys are doing a really good job". and they seemed genuinely appreciative of that.

ok. good, that's number nine. Great.
That's probably enough for now, you can't just spend your whole day reading this can you Yakov and Harry Goaz, you're busy guys I understand that.
So take five everybody, and join me next time Pittockians for the gripping final instalment of "Kenny wearing that shirt he hates". It'll be very in-tents.

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