Monday, December 12, 2011

You've really got a mould on me

привет (pronounced pri-VET) Yakov,

Thanks for returning to my tshirt diary, I mean artists blog. The sixth time I wore the tshirt was to my girlfriends house. We cooked gnocchi and it was the tastiest meal I've had in as long as I can remember.

We cooked garlic bread too that we'd gone down and bought from the IGA near her house, but when I got it out the oven and unwrapped it from the foil to see if it was ready we found that it was completely covered in mould. uh. It makes my skin crawl even now just thinking about it.
Now the garlic bread cost $2.50. My girlfriend paid for it but she did so using money that had fallen out of my pocket, so really I paid for it. And I got all very "LOOK AT IT WE HAVE TO TAKE IT BACK RIGHT AWAY" and she got all very "No I have to go there all the time we're not taking it back" and in the end it was her IGA and because she really didn't want me to I conceded that fine we wouldn't get our money back. 

I don't know if I did the right thing there though. I should have taken it back shouldn't I? What do you think Yakov?

She said that if it had've been $5 we would've take it back. But come on, $2.50 is still half of that. We could buy plenty for $2.50, such as a new loaf of garlic bread that we could actually eat.

But ok, it didn't really matter. she was happy. I was happy. And even though we had nothing to dip into the gnocchi it was still a great meal. 

And that's what happened the sixth time I wore the shirt.

It looks like I'm standing towards the top of the photo but actually that's just where and how I took my shoes off when I came in the house.

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