Saturday, December 10, 2011

I guess there's a slim shady in all of us

As I wrote at the end of the last blog, the third time I wore my 'Elect ron' t-shirt was when I went to see Eminem.
I hadn't been able to get a ticket, so really my plan was just to go to the stadium and soak up the atmosphere. I figured I would get a really profound feeling from knowing that I was within just a couple of hundred meters of the guy. A bit like when I saw Bob Dylan. I could try and articulate this more but I know it just sounds dumb to you so I'll leave it at that.

I've already written enough about how I actually managed to get inside the stadium in the description of this youtube video I uploaded. Here's the link. Have a look. Maybe even subscribe to my youtube channel if you like.

It's not the greatest video, there's so many things about it I'd change if I could, but it's ok considering I only had 17% battery and the camera was really playing up. It was of course a very surreal situation to be drawing in, standing up, rapping with Eminem and 60,000 other fans. "Are you a writer?" I got asked when I pulled out my book "hey?", "A writer. You know, a graffer". "Oh right, more of an artist" I said. The guy sort of did that thing Al Pachino always does with his mouth and nodded his head approvingly. I always get questions like that, and although I guess it used to be true it's always a bit funny. (Earlier this year on the train a guy that looked like Chopper Read saw me drawing and said "Aw cool man, I'm a tattooist as well." He then made me draw him and his girlfriend. But that's the beginning of a very long story I won't go into now).

A lot of people kept checking in on the drawing from time to time. The vibe was incredible, everyone was in festival mode. Girls were sharing joints in the staircases and guys were smoking cigarettes as they watched the show. There was one big gangster guy near me who was really going crazy rapping away, he'd completely lost himself in the music the moment he owned he never let it go, and he bumped me a couple of times completely stuffing up whatever line I was drawing, and although it sucked, he kept saying "oh man I'm so sorry" which just seemed so out of character for how this guy looked. I was grateful he apologised but he didn't need to, I understood, it was Eminem, and I kept telling him "hey don't worry about what I'm doing, enjoy yourself". He'd paid a lot of money to get in and do his thing.

I soon found out just how much money he'd paid, $306.06, when towards the end a man approached me and told me he liked the drawing and wanted to buy it. He wrote down his details for me on the back of his ticket.

I've got more to say but I've written too much as it is. But so yeah, that was the third time I wore the T-shirt.
It's hard to stay mad at the shirt now I wore it while getting into the front row of Eminem without a ticket. And besides, it only cost $10, they were selling Eminem tshirts, probably just as bad fitting and with none of the money going towards science facilities, for $50. I'm sure thousands of people bought them and regret it, but I doubt any of those people will wear them 50 times to get their "dollar a wear" out of it.

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