Saturday, December 31, 2011


Here's one.
I noticed this at the time it was happening but now that I have this blog I guess I actually have somewhere to put it.

The Pool Room is a kind of night club near where I live (in Melbourne, Australia). Anyway I don’t remember ever signing up for it but they send me text messages every once in a while, typically just promoting that it’s free entry if you get there when nobody else is, that wet pussys are cheap and that some top DJ I don’t know is playing “THE LATEST COMMERCIAL MUSIC AND RnB”.

For a long time The Pool Room has been on the brink of closing down. Back in January nearly a year ago I got a message advertising "NOT CLOSING DOWN DRINKS SPECIAL", but alas, I've just heard that tonight, New Years Eve 2011 is the very last night for The Pool Room. And then it becomes a hardware store. Or something. And so that's that. I don't know if I care. I think maybe I do. It'll be sad not having it around to fall back on. I've certainly had many memorable nights there.

But I'm not here to talk about memorable nights, I'm here to talk about spelling. And everybody who goes to The Pool Room understands that the cooler you are the more you misspell and abbreviate the word “tonight”.
So here’s a quick timeline of The Pool Room getting cooler and cooler as they got better and better at abbreviating 'tonight'.

Probably this wasn’t as interesting for you as it was for me? I might’ve written too much. Maybe I should’ve just put the images up and let you figure it out. And most importantly maybe The Pool Room was really onto something here, maybe they would've closed down much sooner if their text talk hadn't been so hip and with it, and so maybe from now on I 2 shld strt rmving th vwls frm my wrds.

I'll miss the Pool Room. Although I'm definitely not spending my New Years there.

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