Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The first two times I wore the t-shirt

So it was just over a week ago I bought the Elect ron t-shirt from the Synchrotron, and regretted it and then decided in order to be content with the purchase I ought to wear the thing ten times. That's pretty much all that's going on in this blog so I guess I better give you an update.

The first time I wore the shirt was to the swimming pool, however because I was dying to show off my body to the old women in the slow lap lane obviously I didn't wear it into the water. Once I'd gotten out though the shirt went back on, and I then made my way to the RMIT printmaking grad show at Red Gallery in North Fitzroy. Just below is a photo of me looking like a goofball with my old tafe buddy Cam Richards, and under that's a photo of one of Cams prints, where it was hung, next to the toilets.
Cam is easily the most technically advanced printmaker I know.

By the time I was driving back home the t-shirt was driving me crazy. I ripped at the collar as much as I could but it wouldn't stop strangling me. What's that movie where the guy's trying to drive at the same time he's being strangled? Well, I guess that probably happens in movies all the time. But I wonder though if it happens in real life all the time?
I came pretty close to taking it off and driving home topless but didn't as I was going 100 and had nobody in my passenger seat to hold the wheel while I did it.

In Cams artist statement he included a quote attributed to Alan Kay that goes "The best way to predict the future is to invent it". Great quote. At the time I read it I predicted that my future would include wearing this awful tshirt 9 more times.

The second time I wore the shirt was the following morning driving to the airport to pick up my girlfriend.
There's me wrapping my claws around a footlong sub. (ham on honey oat, lots of all the salads except for jalapenos, with marinara sauce, honey mustard, salt and pepper).
I was taking a quick break from carrying my gf's bags (gf is a cool abbreviation right?) and paying $20 for a one hour parking space.

Once I'd gotten home again I got out of the shirt, but then the third time I wore the shirt was later that evening when I took the train to go and see my Eminem.
I have to go cook dinner now, sadly I can't be buying Subway every meal I eat, so I'll write about my old friend Marshall later. But so there you go, stay tuned for the next gripping instalment of "Kenny wearing that t-shirt he hates".
If that hasn't hooked you in I don't know what will.

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  1. This will teach you not to get political eva again