Saturday, December 10, 2011

hamish and andy and some openings

So ok, the shirt. I'm going to try and speed this up. The fourth time I wore it I went to see Hamish and Andy perform their last radio show for 2011. It was at some athletics track a half an hour tram ride from the CBD but I got a little lost and did a lot of it on foot. It was at the track because Hamish was going to do a backflip on a trampoline in a leopard costume, (which makes sense if you listen to the show), but I didn't get there until about 5.35, just moments after he'd done the flip. I heard everyone cheering about it as I approached the arena and then most of what I saw was people calling in to say how good it was and discussing ways they were going to celebrate.
It was a much smaller crowd than I'd expected, just me and a whole bunch of year nine and ten kids in school uniforms shouting "WE LOVE YOU HAMISH!" Oh and a 45 year old Chinese man in a grey suit with very pointy shoes. I never saw him laugh but on occasion he did smile and nod. He made me feel less silly for being there.
(As a side note, just because I didn't shout "I love you Hamish", doesn't mean I don't love Hamish)

After that I trekked back into the city to the opening at Platform, featuring my good friends Kate and Craig. Craig's the guy who curated the "Is It Straight?' show I was in at George Paton gallery a few months ago ( My work is the ice-creams and chupa chups)
As a second side note, Craig went to high school with Hamish and Andy.

Then I went to the Swinburne Pahran grad show at Pigment Gallery to give Lisa a copy of the "AVOID' book I've got a short writing piece in. I spent a lot longer there than I'd planned as I ran into Dan and.. this is really just turning into a diary. This is lame. I'm really just trying to say what I did in the shirt. But ok, like I said, I should speed this up. I'll make the future ones much less detailed.
Anyway so after that I was going to go to the show at Masato's but it was already nearly ten and it takes me an hour and a half to get home and I was worn out from Eminem and going out after the night before. So bla bla bla I trained back home and that's number four.

This t-shirt stuff won't make sense unless you've read the posts before this one. So, you know, if haven't read them, then read them. Maybe. If you like. Couldn't hurt.

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