Saturday, December 24, 2011

What to name your dog

Hey best friends.
I just discovered a dog website is using my "Man with small dog" video on their "dog information and facts" page.
Here's the link;

The website's cluttered with advertising and is pretty difficult to navigate but one aspect of the site I do enjoy is the "Dog names" section.

Of course I went straight to Z, where they offer many useful suggestions including "Zoom Zoom", "Zooey" with a double O, and "Zippity Do Da". Are these legitimate dog names? Has anybody ever used these? Would poor Zippity Do Das name eventually become shortened to Pity? That would be a pity.

I'm probably being ignorant aren't I? Zippity Do Da is probably as big in the dog name industry as Sam or Lassie. I decided to google "Zippity Do Da Dog" to see if any "Here's a photo of me and Zippity when he was a puppy" results came up.
The first result to come up was a video ad for Dippity (with a D, so it doesn't count) Do-Da Dogs.
The second thing to come up was a news result from Feb 2011 for a Zippity Do Da pet Kennel in Tennessee that was found to be grossly mistreating its animals and the article talks about the Task Force being sent in and rescuing 100 dogs from its premisses. Bad Zippity. Here's the scoop if you want more on that

and finally the third result that Google gave me was the twitter page for Zippity Do Dog, a place that sells hotdogs. If you want to get their tweets here's the link;
I tried to go on the Zippity Do Dog website but it is currently down as Zippity Do Dogs "Go Daddy" domain name expired exactly a week ago and is currently pending renewal or deletion.

So that's that. It's cool to be featured on the website. I would've much preferred they'd asked for my permission, but I am pleased to see they have fully credited me and in this instance of course I would've said yes.

Its funny though because when taken away from youtube the video is no longer accompanied by the little description I wrote which kind of puts the thing into context, but I guess that's just how it is on the internet.
I'm still not convinced anyone's named their dog Zippity Do Da.